Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Boundless - 2013 Orchesis Student Dance Concert" Preview!

Hello all!

Hope you've been enjoying a lovely Thanksgiving break--I'm sure my first dance class this Monday will be a lovely experience playing the, "oh I forgot I had those muscles" game.

Check out a preview for "Boundless - 2013 Orchesis Student Dance Concert" --Featuring choreographers Hayley Shannon and myself (Scott, in case you've forgotten)!

"The dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing... there are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words. There are movements which impinge upon the nerves with a strength that is incomparable, for movement has power to stir the senses and emotions, unique in itself. This is the dancer's justification for being, and his reason for searching further for deeper aspects of his art."

--Doris Humphrey

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