Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Showing!

Hello again dancers and dance enthusiasts!

With the passing of the seasons and the annual Hallowee(k) festivities, dancers and choreographers have been hard at work in rehearsals for "Boundless - 2013 Orchesis Student Dance Concert"!

This past October 19 marked the first concert showing--featuring an informal performance of the dances as works-in-progress. Showings allow for choreographers to receive helpful feedback from their colleagues, and allow a first savory taste of what the dancers have been up to!

Check out some performance shots, with quotes from choreographers on the creative process of making a dance:

Choreographer (above): Amanda Morris

"I start by first improvising movement on an idea I have--and bring that to my dancers. I focus heavily on their sense of rhythm and improvisational skill--so that each individual dancer brings something special to the piece"

Choreographer (above): Scott E. Stafford

"Dance making is a collaborate effort--to be so selfish as to turn a cold shoulder to the influence of my dancers would be a grave mistake. My ideas are just the kindling to the flame--it's the spirit of each individual dancer, and the energy they/we produce as a collective, that navigates the progression of the piece."

Choreographer (above): Maggie Martin

"I chose my dancers based on their willingness to experiment in the audition as well as their willingness to commit to the material that they were learning for the first time. Their fearlessness really drew me in. I want the movement to speak for itself-- not a story necessarily, but a concept inspired by the story depicted in the context"

Choreographer: Ricky Price

"I looked for well-rounded dancers who weren't afraid to let their voice be heard--and for that to be expressed in their movement. Always willing to try new things and venture outside their comfort zone."

Choreographer (above): Kaity Sinke

"I've learned so much from my dancers through this process. The choreographic process is a collaborative learning experience--the movement isn't spoon-fed to my dancers, and through this, I truly believe all of our personalities shine through. It's such a blessing to be able to create something substantial out of our ideas. My dancers are all intelligent, open minded, and hard working."

Choreographer (above): Meredith Milarch

"I was looking for a quality of lightness as well as full-bodied movement during auditions. The dancers I chose have the ability to embody the style I’m looking for, an airy-yet-grounded type of movement. I start by forming a concept for the piece, and create movement by improving on this concept--writing down specific prompts for myself and letting them evolve."

Choreographer (above): Hayley Shannon

"I began this piece by creating movement phrases that played with full-body movement interfaced with gestural, singular movement. After seeing how my dancers embodied these phrases, I began to get a sense for the overall emerging theme. I apply these themes to emotional ties in my own life, which helps inspire further content for the dance. By allowing my dancers to improvise on phrases with the emergent themes, I use their feedback and ideas to further inspire the dance and add yet another layer of meaning. I hope my choreographic choices allow my vision to come to life--and ultimately read as meaningful to the audience in some way that applies to their own lives."

Keep checking back for further updates!

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"The physical language of the body is so much more powerful than words"--Bill Irwin

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